Energy Efficiency

Tackling the Climate emergency and ending the suffering caused by cold homes go hand in hand. In our new Energy Efficiency project we have partnered with the Centre for Sustainable Energy to run a series of Energy efficiency workshops in Chippenham. Our first workshop in Chippenham Town Hall took place on Friday 8th March 2024. Videos of the workshop sections are now available to watch below.

We thank Wessex Water Community Connectors for funding the workshops.


Keeping your home warmer and reducing heating bills by improving insulation. This can range from simple low cost DIY measures, to more extensive measures where we can signpost help and guidance.

Heating & Hot Water

Changing a heating system can seem daunting. We explore the various options from Heat pumps to heat batteries, to water heating and water efficiency measures, to solar hot water heating and solar diversion.

Smart Energy

We look at Smart meters, energy tariffs, Smart technology, and how understanding your energy usage can help you to reduce your bills.

Introduction to Home Energy

What do we mean by Home energy? What are the measures we can implement to save energy and save money in our home?

Presenter: Elliot Clark. Centre for Sustainable Energy

Solar Panels, Batteries & Diverters

An introduction to Solar Panels on your home; home batteries, and solar diverters, as a means of energy storage.

Presenter: Elliot Clark. Centre for Sustainable Energy

Introduction to Heat Pumps

What are heat pumps, what grants are available, will i need to make changes in my home?

Presenter: Elliot Clark. Centre for Sustainable Energy

Free Thermal Camera Hire scheme for Chippenham residents.

With funding from Chippenham Town Council we now have four thermal cameras, compatible with iPhone and Android phones.The cameras can be used to analyse where you are losing heat in your home. Often this can be solved with a simple fix such as reflective insulation behind a radiator on an outside wall. Or it may show where loft or wall insulation is missing. We include a short Eco Home renovation guide with each loan.

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Find out more about our free Thermal Camera hire

Energy Efficiency Hints and Tips

In the posts below we offer some tips and practical guides on energy efficiency that together with our thermal camera hire can help you make your home warmer and more energy efficient to run.

Case Study – Air Source Heat Pump Installation – Chippenham April 2024

Zero Chippenham members Jan and Trevor describe their experience of an Air Source heat pump [...]

Free Home Energy Workshop Friday 8th March 2024 2pm – 4-30pm

Free Home Energy Workshop delivered by Zero Chippenham in association with the Centre for Sustainable [...]

Can Single Room heat recovery and ventilation fix damp, condensation, and mould?

Our house is a 1930s built semi-detached on Langley Road, Chippenham. It has three bedrooms [...]

Living with an Air Source Heat Pump

Zero Chippenham member James Bradbury talks about his experience of installing and living with an [...]

Chimney Sheep – a low cost way to stop Chimney Draughts

Like many Chippenham residents our house on Langley Road was built in the 1930s and [...]

Where to find financial help with heating and insulation in Chippenham?

Finding help and funding for energy efficiency can often be bewildering. There is a lot [...]

101 Energy Saving Tips – Centre for Sustainable Energy

101 Energy Saving Tips The following hints and tips were kindly presented by Jo Hillier [...]

Home Improvements & Retrofit Guide

Our friends at Wiltshire Climate Alliance have put together an excellent Home Improvements and Retrofit guide with lots of useful links and information. 

To find out more please click the button below…

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Home Improvements & Retrofit Guide - Wiltshire climate alliance

case study Wood lane Chippenham

Our Energy Efficiency Project lead Adrian Temple-Brown has over several years  worked on his house in Wood Lane, Chippenham, to improve insulation, remove gas, install solar PV, a ground source heat pump, water saving and harvesting, moved to electric vehicles, and made lifestyle changes achieving net zero operational carbon and vastly reduced energy bills. Adrian is something of a pioneer on the journey we’re all currently on!

The series of posts below are based on talks and presentations Adrian has given at local sustainability events, explaining how he approached each stage of converting his house – the case study will be added to over the coming weeks.

Installing a Ground Source Heat Pump – Wood Lane

The next stage in Adrian’s Wood Lane retrofit decarbonisation journey was to look at heating [...]

Solar PV Installation Wood Lane Chippenham

The next step on Adrian’s Wood Lane Net Zero journey was to install solar panels [...]

Do a House Energy Audit

The first stage of Adrian’s Wood Lane House retrofit project involved undertaking a house energy [...]

Why Bother?

There are two main reasons for improving the energy efficiency of your home. Firstly insulating [...]

The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) offers free energy advice on their website. We are currently running a series of Home Energy workshops in Chippenham with the Centre for Sustainable Energy and posting them on our website for those that can’t make them in person.

Go the CSE website
Centre for Sustainable Energy

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