Financial help for home insulation and heating

Where to find financial help with heating and insulation in Chippenham?

Finding help and funding for energy efficiency can often be bewildering.

There is a lot of financial help available for home insulation, heating, and energy efficiency home improvements, much of it free or subsidised. But knowing what is genuine and fear of being victim of a potential scam prevents many of us from accessing the help available. I’m sure we’ve all seen those free heating upgrade adverts, or received a call telling us we’re eligible for free loft insulation, but who can you trust?

I recently attended an energy efficiency workshop in Devizes run by the charity the Centre for Sustainable Energy and their offshoot charity Warm and Safe Wiltshire. I’ll share below some of the help recommended by them that is currently available at the time of writing, 30 October 2023, as recommended at the workshop.

Firstly either the Centre for Sustainable Energy, or their Wiltshire charity – Warm and Safe Wiltshire can help directly. If you know of someone that is vulnerable they can even be referred to on a social prescription by their GP. Though many of us are too proud to perhaps consider this option it is possible. Both charities will give you free impartial expert advice.

Connected for Warmth – this is a FREE fully funded programme based on eligibility criteria drawing upon funding from

  • The Warm Homes Fund: a national grant fund of £150 million that has been established by National Grid and is administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions​​

  • The Energy Company Obligation: funding that energy suppliers are required to spend on energy efficiency measures into fuel poor homes

  • The National Grid Support Fund: part of the £50 million committed by National Grid to help alleviate financial distress caused by rising energy costs.

  • The Boiler Upgrade Scheme: a grant from the Government for the installation of low carbon heating

  • Private landlords: the insulation programme is fully funded for privately rented properties

Importantly this funding can also be accessed by landlords with tenants in need.

Home Repairs

If you aren’t eligible for free help and would consider a loan for energy efficiency measures Lendology is a social enterprise offering home improvement loans funded by local councils.

Acorn Community Bank  are an ethical community lender that may provide loans for home improvements

Home Improvements


This is an obligation placed on energy companies. A first port of call should be your current energy supplier to see if they can help under the ECO4 scheme.

ECO4 can provide funding for Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI), Loft Insulation (LI), External Wall Insulation (EWI), Solar Criteria varies – income related benefit or low income  and/or EPC D or below 

Connected for Warmth Scheme 

As mentioned above. For Cavity Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, Heating controls 

Be in Council Tax band A, B, C or D; AND have a home suitable for Loft Insulation and/or Cavity Wall Insulation 

SSEN Enabling Works Fund 

For work to enable installation of energy saving measures e.g. loft clearance, scaffolding, rubble removal, gas pipework, etc. 

Client must be eligible for grant funding for the measure AND Property must be in SSEN’s network area ​(which we are in Chippenham)

Heating Repairs and Replacements

Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

£7,500 off the cost of an Air Sourced Heat Pump, £7,500 off cost of a Ground Sourced Heat Pump​, £5000 off the cost of a biomass boiler

Home owners in England or Wales with a fossil fuel heating system. 


For mains gas boiler upgrade (only with CWI or LI), FTGCH, Smart controls

Criteria varies – income related benefit or low income and/or EPC D or below 

LEAP Boiler Scheme 

For repair or replacement of mains gas boilers​. This was a very fast scheme for quick repairs and replacements.

Income related benefit or low income, vulnerability, low EPC AND own their home; AND in a ‘no heat’ situation AND  no other suitable or time efficient funding available.  

Wiltshire Household Support Grant for heating systems 

For £3,000 towards the cost of replacing gas boiler or night storage heaters.

Income related benefit or low income, vulnerability AND must own their home; AND in a ‘no heat’ situation. I recommend approaching Warm and Safe Wiltshire for guidance here.

Lendology Energy Loan 

For installation of Energy saving measures 

Lendology Home Improvement Loan

Low interest loan £1000 – £15000 with many different payment plans 

Financial Support and discounts

  • Warm Home Discount; £150 paid directly to energy supplier (for people who get Guaranteed Pension Credit, or another means tested benefit)
  • Disability Payment; £150 paid into bank account (for people on disability benefit) continuing into 2023 
  • Winter Fuel payment; £150 to £300 paid into bank account (for all pensioners) 
  • Winter Fuel Payment Top Up up to £300 (if eligible)
  • Cold Weather Payment £25 for each week below zero degrees  (pension credit)
  • Cost of living payment; £900 paid into bank account (for people on means tested benefit)
  • Alternative fuels; £200 for households that use alternative fuels, such as heating oil, LPG, coal or biomass.
  • Surviving Winter Fund; between £150 and £500 (eligibility and amount varies between different councils) 
  • Household support fund  distributed by local councils (DWP)
  • Local assistance scheme; local welfare provision scheme distributed by local councils 
  • Prepayment Meter vouchers; one off vouchers for people with very low on credit -not always available 
  • WaterSure, Assist, Restart, WaterHelp various discounts available.
  • Lendology; oil, wood, LPG bulk buy interest free loan

Who else can help?

Your GP can give a social prescription for a Warm and Safe Wiltshire referral

Priority Services Register – A free service for those that are in receipt of a state pension or other eligible criteria allowing you to receive priority support in an emergency.