House Energy Audit

Do a House Energy Audit

The first stage of Adrian’s Wood Lane House retrofit project involved undertaking a house energy audit.

Perhaps unusually Adrian undertook this audit from a perspective of carbon emissions. For many of us the motivation will be to reduce energy bills and improve the comfort of our home. Fortunately reducing carbon emissions usually goes hand in hand with reducing energy bills.

Establishing the 2019 baseline

Adrian used the to find out his annual usage of gas and electricity. If you have a smart meter this can also be done via your utility company. Most will allow you to view and download usage data from a website login.

To convert kWh of gas and wood burnt to CO2 Adrian used this Engineering Toolbox link.

For electricity usage you can estimate the Carbon emissions at your location at

As you’ll see the grid in the Chippenham Region isn’t that green!

Find out your kWh usage at Convert kWh of Gas and wood to CO2 here Find out the Electricity Grid Carbon Intensity in Chippenham
2019 Baseline

So Adrian’s 2019 baseline was a usage of 11,216 kWh/yr with 6,691kg of CO2 emissions per year from household energy usage used for heating, lighting, and cooking etc

It may be possible for you to obtain this data from your utility company and establish your own baseline.