Community Solar Buying Scheme

If you live in Chippenham or surrounding areas, our Community Solar PV Buying Scheme aims to make it easier and cheaper for you to get solar panels installed on your home. We’ve vetted solar suppliers and agreed a group buy discount for Chippenham and surrounding residents

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Thermal Camera Free Hire Scheme

If you live in Chippenham you can borrow one of our free thermal cameras to find out how energy efficient your home is

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Tree Planting

This project involves local farmers and landowners collaborating with Zero Chippenham to enable trees to be planted on less productive or unproductive areas of land.

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Community Engagement

To raise awareness and help people understand what they can do, we have a programme of community engagement activities, teaming up with local schools, and exhibiting at events such as school fetes.

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Monkton Park school fete

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Air Quality

Air quality is a major concern nationally and in Chippenham we are no exception. Air quality is a health and climate emergency which is why we have fundraised to support two projects to tackle this. Both projects involve collection of data and highlighting the dangers to tackle this in the community. We are looking for volunteers to help us restart this project post pandemic.

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In the meantime we have a beta live Air Quality dashboard created using low cost citizen science equipment. The dashboard opens in a new window.

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So how can we reduce Chippenham’s carbon footprint to net zero?

We are working to decarbonise Chippenham through Power, Heating and Energy efficiency, Transport, Land use, and Air Quality. Here are some of our achievements so far…

Community Solar Panel Scheme with over 45 domestic installations in Chippenham and surrounding villages

Thousands of trees planted in Chippenham and in partnership with surrounding land owners resulting in a Civic Society Award

North Wilts Sustainability day 2018

Organising the first sustainability conference in Chippenham attracting leading international authors, an MEP, and delegates from across North Wiltshire

Introducing a free Thermal Camera loan scheme for Chippenham residents to assess the energy efficiency and heat loss of housing.

If you want to build a flotilla of ships you don’t sit around and talk about the carpentry. You set the saws ablaze with visions of exploring distant shores – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Coming Soon… Zero North Wiltshire

Zero North Wiltshire is a new Community Benefit Society established for larger scale community energy projects and distribution of the benefits to community sustainability projects. It will work closely with Bath and West Community Energy for expertise in community energy projects. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Registration Number: 9049.

A launch share offer is coming soon…

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Want to get Involved?

We are a voluntary group that aims to meet once a month in Chippenham, sometimes in person, sometimes via Zoom. We usually meet the last Thursday every month. 

We are particularly interested in people with the skills to be a treasurer or take on projects for Air Quality and Electric Vehicles. 

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