Doughnut Economics

Doughnut Economics

Doughnut economics is a new way of visualising the economy fit for the challenges of the 21st century proposed by Oxford economist Kate Raworth. The outer ring of the doughnut represents planetary boundaries such as climate change, change of land use, ocean acidification. The inner ring represents social prosperity, health, education, wellbeing, employment. The aim being to remain within the two rings of the doughnut.

To implement at town level it starts with four questions…

  • What would it mean for the people of Chippenham to thrive?
  • What would it mean for Chippenham to thrive within its natural habitat?
  • What would it mean for Chippenham to respect the wellbeing of people worldwide?
  • What would it mean for Chippenham to respect the health of the whole planet?

If this sounds a little abstract many businesses, councils, and even cities are working to implement Doughnut Economics. Amsterdam is implementing the Doughnut city wide looking at health, housing, water, food, jobs, education….

We already know we are failing water quality tests in the river Avon and Marden, losing biodiversity in Monkton park and along the river, and the town centre like many is struggling. I believe that Doughnut Economics offers a 21st century tool set to help Chippenham prosper and enthuse others to follow the vision.


The Doughnut economics action lab