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Hints and tips on energy efficiency

Octopus Daikin Atherma Heat pump

Octopus Heat Pump Installation Hardenhuish Chippenham

Octopus Energy are rapidly becoming one of the major Heat Pump installers in the UK. This is largely due to their highly competitive pricing, which after the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme £7500 grant is applied, puts the installation cost on a par, or sometimes less than a new gas combo-boiler. It is possible to obtain […]

Air Source Heat pump Chippenham

Case Study – Air Source Heat Pump Installation – Chippenham April 2024

Zero Chippenham members Jan and Trevor describe their experience of an Air Source heat pump installation in their 1970s house in Chippenham.  The Myths Air Source Heat Pump? “It makes too much noise”, “It doesn’t keep you warm enough”, “it’s too expensive”. BUT it does take you away from fossil fuels for keeping your home warm and […]

Home energy workshop

Free Home Energy Workshop Friday 8th March 2024 2pm – 4-30pm

Free Home Energy Workshop delivered by Zero Chippenham in association with the Centre for Sustainable Energy Join us for an exciting in-person event at the Town Hall, High Street, Chippenham, Wiltshire The two and a half hour session includes: Why energy is important How you can use less energy & save money Technologies for generating […]

Single Room MVHR

Can Single Room heat recovery and ventilation fix damp, condensation, and mould?

Our house is a 1930s built semi-detached on Langley Road, Chippenham. It has three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, all original 1930s size and layout. The smallest corner bedroom is not much bigger than a cupboard, consequently the only sensible bed layout was a bunk bed arrangement with a desk underneath. Whilst this makes great […]

Air Source Heat Pump Outside

Living with an Air Source Heat Pump

Zero Chippenham member James Bradbury talks about his experience of installing and living with an Air Soured heat pump. James’ house is a 1980s standard Chippenham estate house with two minor extensions. It has cavity wall insulation. Introduction I’ve been seeing a lot of interest online about heat pumps and some confusion about what they […]

Chimney Sheep

Chimney Sheep – a low cost way to stop Chimney Draughts

Like many Chippenham residents our house on Langley Road was built in the 1930s and featured a fireplace in the front room. We hadn’t ever lit a real fire in the fire place, though as we could often hear the pigeons on top of the chimney from the living room, it seemed reasonably safe to […]

Financial help for home insulation and heating

Where to find financial help with heating and insulation in Chippenham?

Finding help and funding for energy efficiency can often be bewildering. There is a lot of financial help available for home insulation, heating, and energy efficiency home improvements, much of it free or subsidised. But knowing what is genuine and fear of being victim of a potential scam prevents many of us from accessing the […]

Centre for Sustainable Energy

101 Energy Saving Tips – Centre for Sustainable Energy

101 Energy Saving Tips The following hints and tips were kindly presented by Jo Hillier from the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Mark Franklin of Warm and Safe Wiltshire at a recent workshop in Devizes. Please use and share them. Thank you! The Centre for Sustainable Energy is the parent charity of Warm and Safe […]