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Solar Installation Wood Lane Chippenham

Solar PV Installation Wood Lane Chippenham

The next step on Adrian’s Wood Lane Net Zero journey was to install solar panels on his house roof. Typically a fabric first approach would be the logical next step through installation of loft insulation, draught exclusion etc. But there’s nothing to stop you installing solar panels at any point in your net zero journey. […]

Financial help for home insulation and heating

Where to find financial help with heating and insulation in Chippenham?

Finding help and funding for energy efficiency can often be bewildering. There is a lot of financial help available for home insulation, heating, and energy efficiency home improvements, much of it free or subsidised. But knowing what is genuine and fear of being victim of a potential scam prevents many of us from accessing the […]

Centre for Sustainable Energy

101 Energy Saving Tips – Centre for Sustainable Energy

101 Energy Saving Tips The following hints and tips were kindly presented by Jo Hillier from the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Mark Franklin of Warm and Safe Wiltshire at a recent workshop in Devizes. Please use and share them. Thank you! The Centre for Sustainable Energy is the parent charity of Warm and Safe […]

House Energy Audit

Do a House Energy Audit

The first stage of Adrian’s Wood Lane House retrofit project involved undertaking a house energy audit. Perhaps unusually Adrian undertook this audit from a perspective of carbon emissions. For many of us the motivation will be to reduce energy bills and improve the comfort of our home. Fortunately reducing carbon emissions usually goes hand in […]

CO2 Levels

Why Bother?

There are two main reasons for improving the energy efficiency of your home. Firstly insulating your home and reducing energy usage will make your home more comfortable to live in, and will also reduce your energy bills. The second reason is that we need to transition our lives rapidly away from fossil fuel usage in […]