Octopus Daikin Atherma Heat pump

Octopus Heat Pump Installation Hardenhuish Chippenham

Octopus Energy are rapidly becoming one of the major Heat Pump installers in the UK. This is largely due to their highly competitive pricing, which after the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme £7500 grant is applied, puts the installation cost on a par, or sometimes less than a new gas combo-boiler. It is possible to obtain an instant online quote from Octopus via their website.

We asked Julie from Hardenhuish to tell us about her recent experience of an Octopus Heat Pump installation…

The Survey

To kick start the process we paid a deposit of £500 and waited for arrangements to be made for the Survey. That was in October of last year. Due to their dealing with high numbers of requests it took a considerable time for the survey to be done.
However on the day ( in February ) the Assessor arrived early and spent the whole day going very thoroughly through the house including the attic. She discussed everything with us, looked at our Energy Performance Certificate (EPC); made a full assessment of the insulation; measured up and considered siting for both the pump and the tank and where the pipes would go. She made clear what preparatory work we would need to do. Within a very short time we received a report and then agreement by email from the Octopus Office employee who was managing the process. That signed, we again waited a while before an installation date was arranged.

The Installation

It was finally 6 months from paying our deposit to installation week in May, so it is worth mentioning that although they are training people as fast as they can, they presently seem inundated with work and it may take some time before getting your heat pump installed. It is worth bearing in mind. If your gas boiler needs replacing because of breakdown, then replacement with a heat pump will not at the moment be an instant solution. Ours was pretty old but was still functional so we were able
to accommodate the wait.
We found the team that came to install the pump friendly, informative and efficient. We then had follow up discussions and visits to help us with meter replacement, setting up the smart meter and linking it to the app. A few days after all works were complete we we received our final information package. We set up the insurance and then moved our tariff to ‘Cosy’ which is designed to make the most of a heat pump and its ability to work off peak. There was a final telephone call to check that everything was going well and a few weeks later a courtesy visit from an engineer who just checked everything over.
At every stage we felt guided and supported through the process and would highly recommend Octopus.

Octopus internal water tank

We have an Outdoor Unit Daikin Altherma Monobloc – 8kW (R32 2022 Release) (EDLA08E2V3). Contrary to some reports about heat pumps being noisy it is extremely quiet and you need to stand very close and listen carefully to hear it when it is on. It is set to come on at 4.00 in the morning so uses the cheapest electricity. The water tank is highly insulated and unlike the old immersion water tanks there is no ‘warmth leak’ from the tank at all, so no airing cupboard effect within the cupboard we have built round it.
Of course the best thing for us was getting rid of the gas boiler and meter and only paying one standing charge.

Tank in purpose built cupboard

We also have a raft of solar panels on our roof that helps pay for the electricity we use. They paid for themselves within 4 years and we have never had any problems from them or with exporting excess to ‘Good Energy’. Just recently we were asked by our installers if we would like some more as the limit for domestic panels has been lifted. So that may be our next consideration. Overall I have to say I have been really pleased with the process and the product and would highly recommend Octopus.
When we have had our heat pump for a full 12 months we will have a much better idea of cost, but so far, because the smart meter is taking readings every 30 mins, my husband delights in being able to tell me exactly how little cooking our meal has cost us.
Hope this is helpful.
Julie in Hardenhuish