Chippenham Air Quality Map

Initial Chippenham Air Quality Analysis June 2024

After the first month of our citizen science Air Quality monitoring in Chippenham, the quick analysis results are in…

Looking at Particulate Matter PM2.5 pollutants averaged over the month from 24th May to 23rd June 2024…

  1. Rowden Hill 20.7 µg/m3
  2. Marshfield Road 18 µg/m3
  3. Langley Road 15.88 µg/m3
  4. Wood Lane 9.5 µg/m3

Please note these aren’t calibrated sensors, and this is a very quick analysis averaging the raw data.

Rowden Hill potentially exceeds the current UK annual average limit if extrapolated to a yearly average. All monitored areas are likely to exceed the World Health Organisation limit if extrapolated to a yearly average.

For more information and to view our live dashboards please see the our Air Quality Project Page.

What Particulate Levels are acceptable?

What are Particulates?

PM 10 Particulates are small particles less than 10 micometres in diameter (10 to the power -6 of a metre). PM 2.5 Particulates are less 2.5 micrometers in diameter.

They consist of non gaseous particles in the atmosphere that can enter the blood stream lodging in the heart brain and other organs. Particulates are of considerable concern to human health.

What are the limits?

The Air Quality Standards Regulations 2010 require that concentrations of PM in the UK must not exceed:

  • An annual average of 40 µg/m3 for PM10;
  • A 24-hour average of 50 µg/m3 more than 35 times in a single year for PM10;
  • An annual average of 20 µg/m3 for PM2.5.

World Health Organisation

The WHO has set tighter limits for particulates. The current guidelines state that annual average concentrations of PM2.5 should not exceed 5 µg/m3, while 24-hour average exposures should not exceed 15 µg/m3 more than 3 – 4 days per year.

PM10 (particulate matter with a diameter of 10 microns or less) concentrations of 15 µg/m3annual mean, 45 µg/m3 24-hour mean.